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Gnarboards are designed to be the best electric skateboards available. They include a variety of design features that will make purchasing, owning, and operating a Gnarboard easier.

Interchangeable Parts:

All Gnarboard models share the same base-components. Switching your current model to a different model can be done easily through the purchase and installation of just a few parts. If, for example, you had purchased a Commuter model and later decided that you want the Trail Rider; you could just purchase the extra parts that make up the Trail Rider and add them to your skateboard. It works the other way around as well; if you had purchased a Trail Rider and decided later that you wanted a Road Warrior; you could purchase and install the 4-ply street-slick tires and remove the foot-bindings.

Adjustable Hand Controller Cord-Length:

An extra 6 inches of cord is wrapped under the deck. More cord can be wrapped to shorten it or unwrapped to lengthen it. This gives you the ability to set the cord length to whatever works for you. The cord attaches to the hand-controller with a quick-disconnect fitting so that it is not destroyed in the event of a fall. The cord also has a rubber-grommet base that keeps it pointed up and out of the drive-wheel chains as you ride.

Handle / Locking Location:

The hole located on the motor-mount can be used to grip with your fingers when wheeling the skateboard around like a dolly, or it can be used as a location to lock the skateboard with a cable.

ON / OFF Indicators:

The main power switch and audible fuel-gauge switch both illuminate when they are turned ON. A green LED in the hand-controller also illuminates when the skateboard is ON.

Dead Man’s Brake:

In the event of a fall, the quick-release fitting on the hand-controller will disconnected and the skateboard will automatically apply the brakes to safely stop the skateboard.


The audible fuel-gauge warns a rider at 40% battery capacity to turn around and head home. The feature can be turned ON / OFF at the flip of a switch. For more information see Range.

Dead Battery Warning:

The throttle will be reduced and a buzzer will sound when the battery is depleted.

Adjustable Truck Dampers:

The six adjustable settings of the truck-dampers allow you to fine-tune the amount of dampening. The adjustability allows you to get the skateboard steering to handle as you desire. For more information see Speed.

Smart Charger:

Gnarboard chargers provide you a lot of information about the health of your battery pack. Unlike typical chargers (that only tell you “charging” or “charged”) a Gnarboard charger will tell you: the % Charged, charging time, charging voltage, charging amperage, cell-balancing status, individual cell voltages, and even internal battery resistance.