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mtv geek

" may have only been a 75 foot [drag] race, but the fact that Josh was even willing to try shows just how much confidence he has in his product." - Don Hatfield



"'s a zero-local-emissions vehicle with supercar performance ...a Ferrari for your feet." - Mike Hanlon



"...perfect for getting to and from work." - Alexander Davies



"Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun, right?" - Mike Newman



"...a worthy investment for a fun, fast and pretty green way to get around town." - John Roach



"Because neon hoverboards that lose power over water are totally lame and unimpressive, it's time you tried out something that isn't: Gnarboards." - Thrillist (San Francisco)



"better acceleration than virtually every car on the road today"
- Andrew Tarantola


cool things

"...this isn't a conventional [electric] skateboard"
- CoolThings



"If you think today’s electric skateboards are little too tame to make it to your ‘to buy’ list, then the Gnarboards Trail Rider Electric Skateboard might just change your perception." - Mike



"Good luck keeping upright" - Mike Norris



"Does hearing the word “commute” cause a dull ache in your head? What if “commute” is paired with “skateboard”? Ah, that sounds better." - yet TBD