The Trail Rider


The Gnarliest of the Gnarly.


The Trail Rider's incredible power, higher ground clearance, and all-terrain tires give this electric skateboard unmatched off-road performance. Put the foot bindings to the test as you point this electric skateboard up the steepest trails.





4 Wheel Drive

3.4 kW of Power

16.5 kW Peak Power

37V 20 Ah LiPo Battery

300 Amp Motor Controller

Regenerative Brakes


0.250" 6061 Aluminum Deck

Hydraulic-Bent Deck Concavity

Aluminum Battery Box

Adjustable Channel Trucks

9" Pneumatic All-Terrain Tires

2 Adjustable Truck Dampers

Rachet-Style MBS Foot Bindings


28 MPH Top Speed

0 - 28 MPH in 1.9 Seconds

13 - 15 Mile Range

2 Hour Charge Time


37.5" Wheelbase

13.5" Track Width

7' Turn Radius


86 lbs Total Weight

47" x 16.5" x 10.5" Dimensions








*all skateboards come with a wired hand controller and an advanced high-power LiPo charger.


Be sure to view the videos page to see The Trail Rider in-action.