The Commuter


This 2WD machine sets the new golden standard for electric skateboards.


The Commuter's long range and low deck height make it an ideal electric skateboard for city cruising. Whether you're riding one to work, heading out to pick up groceries, or just carving it up in your neighborhood, this electric skateboard is sure to put a grin on your face.





2 Wheel Drive

1.4 kW of Power

7.2 kW Peak Power

37V 20 Ah LiPo Battery

300 Amp Motor Controller

Regenerative Brakes


0.250" Thick 6061 Aluminum Deck

Hydraulic-Bent Deck Concavity

0.125" Thick Aluminum Battery Box

Adjustable Channel Trucks

9" Pneumatic 4-ply Street-Slick Tires


28 MPH Top Speed

0 - 28 MPH in 3.0 Seconds

18 - 21 Mile Range

2 Hour Charge Time


37.5" Wheelbase

13.5" Track Width

7' Turn Radius


71 lbs Total Weight

47" x 16.5" x 10.5" Dimensions








Optional Features:

- 1.7 kW of power (+100 USD)

- 2 Truck Dampers (+180 USD)

- Foot Bindings (+80 USD)

- All-Terrain Tires (+20 USD)


*all skateboards come with a wired hand controller and an advanced high-power LiPo charger.


Be sure to view the videos page to see The Commuter in-action.