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Some riders enjoy top speeds, while other riders enjoy acceleration. We geared Gnarboards to have a top speed of 28 mph so that you can experience both. At 28 mph, Gnarboards are faster than any other electric skateboard available, and they come with enough power to accelerate you to that top speed in record times.

The top speed of an electric skateboard directly affects its acceleration. If, for example, you were to gear an 800W electric skateboard to have a top speed of 25 mph, the skateboard’s acceleration and hill-climbing ability would need to be compromised in order to reach that speed. If that same 800W electric skateboard were geared to only have a top-speed of 15 mph, the skateboard would gain acceleration and hill-climbing ability, but no longer be able to reach 25 mph. As you can see this quickly becomes a “You can’t have your cake and eat it too” situation. With only 800W of power, there must be a compromise between top-speed and acceleration when choosing how to gear the skateboard.

Gnarboards avoid having to compromise between speed and acceleration by severely increasing power. With a top speed of 28 mph, Gnarboards still out-accelerate pretty much anything on the road, and that is because Gnarboards are equipped with an abundance of power. With a Gnarboard you can go fast, accelerate quickly, and still climb the steepest hills. You can have your cake and eat it too!

Adjustable Truck Dampers:

Since skateboards are more susceptible to “speed-wobbles” at high speeds, Gnarboards include (optional) Adjustable Truck Dampers to prevent speed-wobbles from occurring. Through the use of hydraulics, the Adjustable Truck Dampers decrease the skateboard's turning rate and increase skateboard stability. This makes reaching top speeds a lot easier.

Unlike using “stiff bushings” to combat speed wobbles, the Adjustable Truck Dampers do not limit how sharp you can turn. The Dampers only affect the steering rate. They do not affect the steering ability of the skateboard. Since the Dampers are entirely adjustable, they can be set at their weakest setting and go almost undetected, or they can be cranked to their highest setting and the skateboard will feel much more stable, much like a snowboard.

Words of Wisdom:

Just because Gnarboards have a top speed of 28 mph does not mean you have to travel that fast. Speed is controlled entirely by the rider through the use of a wired hand-controller. If you don’t like riding fast, then you don’t have to squeeze the acceleration trigger all the way. The speed is entirely variable and entirely up to the rider.

“Speed kills”, especially on a skateboard, so be sure to ride within your limits.