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We work hard at making “range-anxiety” a thing of the past. Our skateboards go 15-21 miles per charge. They also include an audible fuel-gauge and take no more than 2-hours to completely recharge.


The range-distances for each model are real-world results. The Commuter, for example, has a range of 18-21 miles. This means that in good conditions (reasonably flat terrain and gentle starts and stops), a range-conscious rider can achieve 21 miles. However, there are a variety of factors that can contribute to reducing that range (like your antsy trigger finger), so we also include the 18 mile figure. If we were to only include a “theoretical-range” of let’s say 25 miles, we would be setting our customers up for disappointment. Instead, we give you the real-deal.


All Gnarboards come with an audible fuel-gauge that acts similar to a “reserve tank” on a motorcycle. At approximately 40% battery capacity, an alarm will begin to beep and it will not stop beeping until you lean over and flip the switch OFF. At that point, you should be able to make it home at a moderate speed.

The audible fuel-gauge allows you to ride your skateboard and have fun, while not having to worry about being stranded far away from home with a dead battery. Just don’t forget to turn ON the alarm switch before each ride, or you will be that guy who left his motorcycle on “reserve” even after refueling.

2 Hour Recharge:

All Gnarboards use a high-powered “smart” charger, designed specifically for charging and balancing LiPo batteries. These high-quality chargers are excellent at what they do and are able to charge a Gnarboard battery at 10-11 amps. Being able to safely charge at such high amperage means Gnarboards have a recharge time of just 2 hours.

To determine the approximate time it takes to recharge a battery, you can dividing the AH rating of the pack by the amperage output of the charger. So for Gnarboards that looks like this: 20AH / 10A = 2 Hours!

This quick recharge time is one more reason not to have “range anxiety” with a Gnarboard. It also means you can ride your Gnarboard multiple times in the same day.