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How long will it take to receive my Gnarboard?


All Gnarboards from the first batch have been sold-out (for quite some time now). Those boards were shipped-out and delivered to customers January 2013.


A second-batch of Gnarboards will eventually be made available to order in the form of a do-it-yourself KIT.


Why are Gnarboards so valuable?


Our skateboards are made from top-quality parts and materials that take lots of time and money to manufacture. Gnarboards may seem expensive at first, but once you look at the performance specifications these skateboards are actually the best "bang for the buck" you can buy. Please be sure to check out the Why Gnarboards tab if you are not convinced.


Our electric skateboards are also MADE IN THE USA.


When you buy an electric skateboard from Gnarboards, you are supporting local machine-shops, powder-coaters, laser-cutters, water-jetters, as well as other small businesses (Gnarboards LLC included).


Why 2WD?


Gnarboards use 2WD because it out-performs 1WD in every way. This is explained in greater detail in the Traction section of the Why Gnarboards tab.


Why 4WD?


Gnarboards use 4WD because it offers better traction, cornering, and braking performance than 2WD.



With 4WD there are 2 more drive-wheels to keep the skateboard moving when other wheels start to slip. If all 4 wheels lose traction, the skateboard is still much more "controllable" than losing traction with 2WD.



The two front drive-wheels will "pull" the skateboard through a turn while the two rear drive-wheels are "pushing". This "push-pull" action increases traction and improves control through tight turns.



4WD improves braking force because front-wheel braking is much more effective than rear-wheel braking. With 4WD, all four wheels are working together to stop the skateboard.


How does 2WD / 4WD work?


Gnarboards 2WD and 4WD systems give the ultimate traction by behaving much like a limited-slip differential. The wheel with the most traction will receive the most power! That means even when some drive-wheels lose traction; any drive-wheels that still have traction are still able to apply power. Please also see the Traction section of the Why Gnarboards tab.


How do the "Adjustable Truck Dampers" work?


The Adjustable Truck Dampers are used to prevent speed-wobbles and to give the skateboard a smoother turning action. Through the use of hydraulics, the dampers slow-down the turning rate without limiting the final turning radius. The amount that they "dampen" is adjustable. Think of them as the ultimate adjustable bushings. They never limit how sharp you can turn; only how long it takes you to turn that sharp. When the dampers are in their weakest position they go almost un-noticed. When the dampers are cranked to their strongest position, the skateboard becomes more stable and feels a lot like a snowboard. Please also see the Speed section of the Why Gnarboards tab.


How much do Gnarboards weigh?


Gnarboards weigh 70-86 lbs depending on the model.


Why do Gnarboards use a wired hand controller?


Wired hand controllers offer better performance, reliability, and safety than wireless hand controllers.



Our shielded cable offers a direct connection between the hand controller and the motor controller, eliminating any chance of electrical interference. With no hand controller batteries to go dead, and no signal to be lost, wired hand controllers offer superior performance and reliability.



All of our electric skateboards come equipped with a "dead-man's brake" safety feature. In the event of a fall, the hand controller is pulled and released from the cable, which instantly engages the skateboard brakes. This feature prevents the skateboard from hitting a fallen rider.


Gnarboards electric skateboards are too powerful, too fast, and too expensive to be using wireless hand controllers. The wire length is also adjustable as explained in the Design section of the Why Gnarboards tab.


Why do Gnarboards use chain-drive?


Gnarboards use chain-drive because it offers better performance and reliability than belt-drive. Gnarboards use ANSI #25 chain for its amazing strength, small size and fluid movement. Our sprockets and motor-mounts are CNC machined to align the chain perfectly. As a result, the chains on Gnarboards are very quiet, very smooth, and very reliable.


Why does the distance range vary?


Just as with a gasoline vehicle, the "distance till empty" will vary depending on how you drive. If you are constantly on and off the throttle then expect the shorter range. If you are cruising at a constant speed and on relatively flat surfaces, then you can expect the longer range. Our electric skateboards will typically go 15-20 miles depending on your driving style. Please also see the Range section of the Why Gnarboards tab.


Do Gnarboards have a fuel-gauge?


Gnarboards have an audible fuel-gauge that will start to beep when approximately 40% battery-life remains. The fuel-gauge was designed so that you can take off in a single direction, hear the beeping, then turn around and still make it home. We have found that 40% battery-life is just enough to cruise home at a moderate speed. Please also see the Range and Design sections of the Why Gnarboards tab.


How do I charge the battery?


All Gnarboards come with a high-powered Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) charger that has been customized for use with our electric skateboards. The charger is capable of recharging a depleted battery in 2 hours. Please also see the Range section of the Why Gnarboards tab.


Are LiPo batteries dangerous?


Yes. Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) batteries offer many huge performance benefits over other battery chemistries, but LiPo batteries can also be more dangerous. When mistreated, LiPo batteries have been known to catch fire. Gnarboards come equipped with multiple safety features to prevent such a fire from happening, as explained in the Power section of the Why Gnarboards tab, but the potential for fire remains when using LiPo batteries.


How long will the batteries last?


LiPo batteries have a typical life of 300 - 500 cycles. Gnarboards come with a large 20Ah battery pack, which means less stress on the battery, which should result in a battery life of 400-500 cycles. To put that into perspective: 400 cycles x 18 mile range = 7,000 Miles of riding! Expect your battery pack to last about 2 years under normal use and proper care.


How much is shipping?


Shipping cost will depend on the distance shipped. To give an example: Shipping a skateboard from California to Florida will cost approximately 130 USD. Customers will be billed for shipping costs just before shipment. If a customer is located in California, then arranging a pick-up or drop-off may be possible.


Do I have to wear a helmet?


Yes. We have fallen at top speeds and can tell you from personal experience that helmets can protect you from serious injury or even death. We suggest to everyone that they wear full-body protection to prevent "road rash", torn flesh, broken bones, severe injury, or death. Be smart: ride responsibly and wear the proper safety gear.


Are electric-skateboards street legal?


Check with your state and local laws on the legality of electric skateboards. We sell Gnarboards for private-property use only. If it is legal in your area to ride Gnarboards on public roads then be sure to follow all traffic laws. Be respectful of pedestrians and motorists. Try not to draw attention to yourself.


Will my insurance cover me in accidents?


Check with your insurance company to see if you are covered when riding electric skateboards. If you are not covered, you may need to purchase insurance through a different company, perhaps one that specializes in insurance for "recreational activities".